Used Cars

The market today favors sellers of used cars rather than buyers. This is due to the low number of vehicles sold during the economic downturn. There is more demand for used car than there are sellers. For buyers, new cars are the better deal now. When buying or selling a used car, handle it with a bill of sale and do the transaction in your bank or credit union office. They usually have free notaries and it’s in a public location. Never trust a certified check delivered to your house (many of these are counterfeit) and for security reasons the transaction should take place in a public place.

Buying a car from a rental car agency can be a good deal. They buy cars at rock bottom prices. Make sure to get a low mileage one.

Take the hassle out of haggling by buying cars on the web at CarsDirect.

Consumer Reports has excellent information on good used cars, reliability, and resale values. Subscriptions are $30.

Information about whether a car has been flooded, in a serious wreck, or may have title problems. Many banks and credit unions use this service. Check with your auto financier to see if they do, so you don’t pay for it (they get it a lot cheaper than you do.) offers 1 report for $39.99 or 5 for $49.99.